You're smart, creative, independent, maybe you like to be different. Maybe at some point you thought to yourself: "why shop for a wedding dress when I can create my own?" 
Good news, you can. Better news, it's a fun and seamless process. I can show you.


My name is Priscilla. I'm your custom fashion designer.
At my studio and under my supervision, you will have full control over the what, the how, and the when your custom wedding dress gets created, turning it into an experience you'll forever cherish. 
What inspires you?
What elements appeal to you? 
Choice of material, color, and pattern?
You're creative. You have ideas.


The beauty about custom dresses is that it takes all the anxious moments out of the way. The process takes you from your first consultation and discovery phase, into the design and creation phase.
The simplified journey continues all the way to the day of your wedding. One seamless, stress-free flow.


You get to choose to be bold, to be free, to be unique.
You get to let the dress become an extension of who you are. What you want it to be. I know, I've been doing this for a while now. Designing, altering, and creating wedding dresses. The entire process happens in-house, and you get to experience it all.

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